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|component2 = Pen
|component2 = Pen
|amount2 = 2
|amount2 = 2
|component3 = Imp. Vehicle Repair Kit
|component3 = Improved Vehicle Repair Kit
|amount3 = 50
|amount3 = 50
|component4 = Imp. ATV Control System
|component4 = Imp. ATV Control System

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Adv. Control System 1 Schematic
ManualImproved Control System 1 Schematics
SkillScience 120
Components12x Salvaged Paper
2x Pen
50x Improved Vehicle Repair Kit
3x Imp. ATV Control System
3x Imp. Motorcycle Control System
ToolScience Tradeskill Kit
Time1d 8h 0m (1d 0h 0m)
Icon Placeholder
Advanced Control System 1 Schematics
This Science tradeskill manual teaches Advanced Control System 1

This item can not be traded
Item Level:40
Weight:0.5 kg
Effect:Advanced Control System 1
Teaches Advanced Control System 1
Requirement: Science 120

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