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Advancement points (AP) are spent to raise skills, mutation skills, and attributes. They may be spent in any way the player selects, though each skill and mutation skill has two attributes that limit how high it may be raised (such as Strength and Dexterity for Melee). Such attributes must be raised in order for the skill to reach its maximum at the character's level. One AP will raise a skill 1 point, and 5 AP will raise an attribute 1 point. Characters earn 3 AP each 1/10th of a level they progress, and APs can be earned through missions in addition to the normal AP gain through experience points. Players will earn enough APs over the course of the game to reach the maximum level in a good number of attributes and skills. This allows characters to be combat-effective, while also being a master crafter, or someone who does not focus in a particular discipline. Most characters will be able to have 3-5 attributes and 3-5 skills at the maximum level. [1]

It is not mandatory to engage in combat to gain AP. However, non-combat characters will pass up some opportunities to gain AP, but there are plenty of other ways to advance character levels. Each leveling strategy has its own advantages and drawbacks. Characters who just engage in crafting, harvesting, and non-combat missions are likely to advance more slowly than combat oriented characters. On the other hand, the combat oriented characters are likely to have inferior gear unless they have a lot of crafting friends. [2]

At level 55 you may spend a maximum cap of 1960 AP to your build. After hitting this build cap, you will continue receiving AP or can add AP manually by using Dome or Death Toll AP Injectors. These additional AP can be spend for the Augmentation of Augmentable Items.