The Auction House can be found by speaking to local auctioneers.

Auctions Edit

Auctions are the heart and center of the player driven Fallen Earth for the trade of goods. Any item that can be crafted or traded can be found here. Prices are determined by demand....the rarer an object or item is, the more expensive it tends to be. Supplies, vehicles, wepons, and armor can all be bought here. Supplies tend to be cheaper here than at NPC vendors, but you will be expected to buy in bulk most of the time. 

There are two prices on every is an ongoing the end of the items time limit, whoever bids the highest gets the item. The "buyout" price allows you to bypass the bidding process and buy the item immediately. Sellers will often opt out of the bidding process by making both prices the same, so the only way to get the item is via buyout. 

You can place your own items for sale at the auction house as well. There is a small fee involved. The fee depends on how long you want to put it up for auction. The Auction House takes the fee as a percentage based on your asking price. If it does not sell, you still owe the fee. 

Notes Edit

  • After you buy an item, it will appear in the mailbox. It does not appear immediately...there is typically a small delay of ten minutes or so. 
  • The Auction House is sectorial or local based not global depending on which Auction House you visit, some span a large area others are smaller groups of Auction houses.

Locations Edit

Auction Houses can only be found in certain towns in the world of Fallen Earth.

  • Sector 1: Most towns, including Embry Crossroads, Oilville, Odenville, Terance, Depot 66 and Watchtower.
  • Odenville: 3962244, 3238488
  • Sector 2: All the faction towns and its capital New Flagstaff.
  • Blaine: 4875931, 5758947
  • Sector 3: All the faction towns and its capital Trader's Flat.

  • Deadfall: Los Alamos
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