A group of like minded citizens form the Bankers faction and maintain banks throughout the province. You can find a bank in most towns.

Vaults Edit

There are several different classes of vaults available:

Sector Vaults Edit

Sector vaults are the most common vault type, available in all cities except Quarantine.

Barter Vaults Edit

Barter vaults are the same as sector vaults, except that they are not available in all locations.

Another thing to keep in mind Barter Vaults will stay the same throughout all sectors in Fallen Earth.

Utility Vaults Edit

Only seen in Embry Crossroads, and could be in Progress Town (need more info)

Sector 1

Embry Crossroads
Old Kingman
The Oasis (north edge of the map, around where Road's End is crossed out)

Sector 2

Credit Bend
New Flagstaff
Picus Ridge
Post 23
The Oasis (south edge of the map, around where Road's End is crossed out)
Thorne's Bluff

Sector 3

Banker's Hole
Black Hill
Deadfall Point
St. Sebastian's
{C}Trader's Flat

VIP Vaults Edit

VIP vaults are only available to those who have gained a certain amount of reputation with the Bankers faction. They are only available in a few select locations.

Sector 1

Embry Crossroads

Sector 2

New Flagstaff

Blaine(restricted area in the center of town)

Sector 3

Trader's Flat


Los Alamos

Sector 4(Alpha County)


Clan Vaults Edit

Clan vaults are the only type of vault that multiple people can access. Access to the clan vault is controlled by the leader. In general, Clan Vaults may be accessed through any other vault, such as a Sector Vault, by simply clicking the "Clan" tab at the top of the window when viewing other vaults.

Vaults Locations Edit

According to forums:
Barter Vaults are fewer in number. In S1, the towns that have Barter Vaults are Embry, Odenville, Oilville, Kingman, Oasis, and Trumbull. In S2, it is all the faction towns plus New Flagstaff. In S3, you will find Barter Vaults in all the faction towns plus Trader's Flat.
VIP (AKA Banker's Vault) are located in the "capital" cities of each sector: Embry Xroads in S1, New Flagstaff & Blaine in S2, Trader's Flat in S3 and Los Alamos in Deadfall (still part of S3).
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