Basic Sheep Cloning Kit
ManualSeeds 1 Instructions
SkillNature 18
Components7x Weak Biologic Chemical
3x Ragged Wool
ToolNature Tradeskill Kit
Time5m 0s (3m 30s)
Basic Porkupine Cloning Kit.png
Basic Sheep Cloning Kit
Produces Sheep.

Weight:0.001 kg
Effect:Basic Sheep
Raise a basic sheep on your farm.

Loot Window Top.png
Loot Window Left.png Tainted Meat Loot Window Right.png
Loot Window Left.png Ragged Wool Loot Window Right.png
Loot Window Bottom.png

Takes 12 minutes to grow to the mature stage. Once harvested, adds either Tainted Meat or Ragged Wool to your farm's "Harvested Goods" crate.

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