Blackridge Cheesy Casserole
ManualBlackridge Cookbook
SkillCooking 164
Components3x Edible Meat
1x Plain Spice
2x Edible Vegetable
3x Uncontaminated Pasta
1x Cheese
ToolCooking Tradeskill Kit
Time12m 30s (9m 22s)
Blackridge Cheesy Casserole Icon
Blackridge Cheesy Casserole
Made with meat, cheese, and a big dash of hope that no toxins seeped into the pasta.
This item can be consumed
Item Level:55
Weight:0.283 kg
Effect:Blackridge Cheesy Casserole
This food item increases Health regeneration by 15 for 1 hour.
Charge Time:1.0 seconds
Requirement: Player Level 45

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