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Lukasocz Lukasocz 29 days ago

List of special and unique mission rewards

  • 1 List of special and unique mission rewards
  • 2 Sector 1
  • 3 Sector 2
  • 4 Sector 3
  • 5 Deadfall
  • 6 All sectors above
  • 7 Terminal Woods
  • 8 Alpha Zone

On this blog I sorted all special mission rewards from categories armor, weapons, manuals/recipes, knowledge, mounts, pets and other interesting items, which are unique in their properties like non-craftable and/or non-tradable status.

More unique items can be found under these links: unique and rare items and serendipity items

  • Armor
    • Anti-Mind-Control Helmet - reward from the mission "Free Your Mind"
    • Binoggles - reward from the mission "Binoggles"
    • Boneclaw Shoulder Armor - reward from the mission "Cleaning Up the Chaff"
    • Book of Poetry - reward from the mission "Betting on the Bard"
    • Broken LifeNet Collar - reward from the miss…

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Lukasocz Lukasocz 2 April

List of known unique items and NPCs that have been removed

On this blog I sort all known unique items (rare drops and special mission rewards) and NPCs (veteran, boss or master tier) that have been removed.

Many of these items and NPCs have been removed, probably unintentionally, for example by reworking a particular area or a mission from instanced version to non-intstanced version. It would be nice if some of these things, especially NPCs and unique and rare drops, could reappear in the game.

  • Unique and rare drops
    • Super Soldier Serum - trinket/storage item with modifiers +40 Gamma and +5 Gamma Regen which was a rare drop from Enraged Test Subject who appears in Redstone Research Facility only during instanced mission Back into Danger.
    • Shattered LifeNet Component - trinket/storage item with modifiers …

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Порнофильм Порнофильм 5 February 2020

нет ничего страшнее твоего имени

Нечего ждать, некому верить, икона в крови

У штаба полка в глыбу из льда вмерз часовой А двое не спят, двое дымят папиросы любви Им хорошо, станем ли мы нарушать их покой?
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Philip Ross Philip Ross 16 November 2018

Full-scale interactive map

Ref. Missing county maps

Altough this is of Boneclaw, here's a rough draft at my take of mapping out the remaining locations:
Interactive map of Boneclaw
The map is comprised of four separate map snippets pieced together (Miao!) and the coordinates, names and titles for the NPC's are taken from our beloved FE Wikia.

So far I've not been able to recreate or embed it into the Wikia using Maps Extension as it seems a bit wonky, although both use Leaflet.

What say you; how about a full-scale interactive map?

23.nov 2018
Geo-referenced the satellite imagery made by Kindragon and also the basic stock maps.
The missing map coverage requires screenshots of the in-game map and the corresponding coordinates, which is a beastly undertaking.

Added NPC's from t…

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Lukasocz Lukasocz 13 August 2018

Experiment of grinding bosses and masters to find unknown rare drop

On this blog I sorted number of kills of known Bosses and Masters whose haven't confirmed unique/rare drop as of grind experiment to find something undiscovered. Blog will be updated as often as possible.

List of Bosses and Masters without confirmed unique or rare drop can be found here: Blog post

Number of kills doesn't mean that enemy hasn't rare drop although I killed him for example 400 times. I didn't have to be lucky then to rare drop or the enemy wasn't killed in a row so another player could drop something unique (in a row means killing without break and not looted by other players during that).

Sector 1

  • Huge Strange Mutant - 350 kills not in a row (thanks for assistance of Atenai)
  • Dirk - 60 kills in a row
  • The Beholder - 100 kills in a r…
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Guinylen Guinylen 11 July 2018

Enemy: Ronald Mackdonald

  • To make sure he's the real Ronald MackDonald, if you spot him in the wild, you'll see him with his Scan Buggy tuning into his Dope 76 radio channel.
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Lukasocz Lukasocz 11 April 2017

Unique and rare items hunt

On this blog I sorted known rare drops and how many bosses I had to kill to get rare items. Remember that some kind of rare items have set own chance to drop like El Cadejo's Claw and Slaith's Chew Toy (around 1:4) or Eddings's Tumor (seems to be 1:1, so dropped always) and others have random chance to drop.

Also remember that this blog serves as an exemplary information to get all rare items and number of kills means how many kills took to me to get them. That means you can kill same enemy 100 times and no rare item drops or you can kill it 3 times and you will have luck to drop although I had to kill it more or less times.

List of Bosses and Masters without confirmed unique or rare drop can be found here: Blog post

  • 1 Sector 1
    • 1.1 Corman's Theo…

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Nullachtneunnull Nullachtneunnull 31 March 2017

New Faction Article Achievements

I've created new achievements for editing faction specific articles. Steps are the same like for other achievements: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500. To be honest, I don't think anybody will ever reach the highest rank. The ranks are as follows for the above mentioned steps:


War Leader




Citizen Speaker


Master Technician




Heavy Infantry

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Guinylen Guinylen 26 March 2017

Crazy Wiki Achievement

Achievement: Wiki Life

Description: Contribute to the wiki for 200 days in a row (!)

200 days! Am I up for this task? 100 days in a row is already a tough feat....

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Guinylen Guinylen 27 January 2017


Today I have just discovered that next to none of the missions of Credit Bend are complete. The pages are there, but are pretty much without content. But fear not, it will be fixed! One day....

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Nullachtneunnull Nullachtneunnull 4 September 2016

My PvE-only max-crafter rifle tank build

Hello Clones,

I'd like to share my PvE-only max-crafter rifle tank build.[1]

Available Stances: Dreadnaught 9, Soak Elements 8, Attack Posture 4, (Marksman 3, Ablate 4)
Available Auras: Calibration 5, Resilience 5
Alpha Mutations: Bolster 4, (Gird 4)
Stance-like Mutation: Primal Vigor 8

Armor: GT Stage 1 Defense Suit, GT Defense Helm, Vista T-Shirt
Weapons: Volatile M-Croall Shark, Volatile Z.I. LR Custom

Trinkets: A lot. Mainly used: Hulk Commander Armor Plate


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Guinylen Guinylen 13 June 2016

Things to Add

So, I saw that missions in Alpha County are largely incomplete, so that's what I'm going to do. Just filling in the blanks.

Next, I will try to complete the incomplete articles.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 11 May 2016

Template:Update and Template:IMBox

I've recently done some updates to Template:NPCBox that adds IMBoxes detailing when it is missing certain parameters, and directing users to the associated documentation if they decide they would like to contribute.

At the moment, it adds an IMBox for each parameter that is both missing and necessary. Later on, I would like to combine them all into one IMBox that details which parameters are missing. Which in turn will clear up the redundancy they currently generate.

I plan on doing similar things to the rest of our Design templates.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 11 May 2016


Here is a list of Redirects used on our wiki.

Redirects are useful for redirecting users to pages they may otherwise have difficulty finding using the search bar located at the top of every page of our wiki.

Certain namespaces remove entries from search results unless the user includes the namespace in their search. (ie. Template:, Category:)

Let's say a user searched "Vehicles". They would be shown the "Vehicles" page in their search results, but not "Category:Vehicles". Which (until earlier today when I merged the two) shows different information. Meaning, the average user will not generally find information located on category pages.

To combat this, we should have a redirect for every page using the category name space.

For instance:

  • Vehicles…
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Aethaeran Aethaeran 10 May 2016


Yesterday I did some editing to Template:NPCBox. Originally, it had it's own custom infobox layout from scratch. Unfortunately, it was a little outdated. I updated NPCBox to now use Template:Infobox, which gives the whole wiki much more uniformity. Rather than having all our infoboxes vary.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 7 May 2016


Today I did some modifications to the way Locations are displayed in order to fix a few issues.

  • NPCTable that searched all of the NPC category was removed. Due in large to it grabbing multiple instances of the same NPC is they were listed in any Subcategories. Also, due to it's redundancy after the other modifications.
  • Added a new property on Template:NPCBox for NPC Types. It can grab this data from either Type or Title parameters.
  • Added EnemyTable, ConverserTable, and ManagerTable to all Location pages.

Will have to wait for the wiki to refresh before we can see it fully, as re-publisghing thousands of individual pages can be a headache.

If there are any NPCs that aren't showing up on their associated Location pages after the refresh, just let…

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 6 May 2016

Template Types

Started applying Types to Templates because Insights wouldn't stop telling me about it.

I'm putting Templates we use on various article pages under Design. Proper documentation would be most important on any in this category, not so much the others.

Tables and other such transcluded templates are under Data. Seriously debating putting things labeled Infobox in this category. Haven't decided yet

Ones only included within templates themselves I put into Non-article.

A few I would classify as Notice and have put them there.

I'm getting pretty sleepy as I write this. A bit of a sloppy start, but a start nonetheless.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 6 May 2016

Image Licensing

Once upon a time, I removed a bunch of Image Licensing templates. Due in part to their adding of clutter, but mostly due to their redundancy. It's fair to say that all images included on this Wiki would fall under the category of Fair Use.

Spending time labeling them all would be time spent unwell.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 6 May 2016


I've made a very basic Template for adding Types to Properties.

You can find it here: Template:Property

The initial setting of Types to the Properties cause some errors initially. Though a couple other editors were kind enough to point them out, and are now functioning properly as far as I'm aware.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 6 May 2016

Template:Enemy minor edits

I've added a way to list random location spawning for enemies to Template:Enemy.

The way they were being done before was causing the Wiki to search for properties that didn't exist.

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Lara Visor Lara Visor 3 March 2016


How do I know what level is the mission? If I do a mission with a higher level areas receive less XP for completion of tasks.

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Lara Visor Lara Visor 26 February 2016

My contributions

I make icons of screenshots from inventory in 60x60 pixels scale, which sits exactly on the square in inventory :-). For example

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Lukasocz Lukasocz 3 February 2016

Bosses and Masters without confirmed unique or rare drop

On this blog I sort all known ingame mobs marked as Boss or Master whose haven't confirmed rare or unique drop in loot. Some of them appears only during specific mission. That information is included below.

If you feel like "unique or rare items hunter" then you can try grind these mobs to find something still undiscovered.

This list of mobs doesn't include faction camp guards in The District (Master tier mobs) because they haven't loot and it also doesn't include Scavenger Bosses, G.O.R.E. Bosses, Defense Towns Bosses, World Bosses from Terminal Woods and The Dome Bosses because they have specific drops and I don't think that they will have rarity in loot. List also can be incomplete so if you find some Boss/Master mob non-listed here, let …

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Nullachtneunnull Nullachtneunnull 31 December 2015

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish a very happy New Year as well as a healthy and successful 2016 to all of you Clones out there!

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Cristina Cristina Cristina Cristina 17 February 2015

Serendipity Mob Hunt II: The Revisit (Statistics and Record Keeping)

It's been almost a year I wrote the last blog post regarding Serendipity Drops. I have found various serendipity mobs and still hunting for rumored ones. Due to Fallen Earth winding down in terms of content I've decided to revisit all Serendipities and also see how common or rare they are. I plan to do all of this with no help or assistance to get best results. This blog will keep track of the amount of times I find a mob in various planned or unplanned visit. I will be keeping track of the time I take looking for said mob.  I will start from Sector 1 all the way to Terminal Woods. Due to in real life complications this blog will update slowly when I can.  

  • 1 Sector 1
    • 1.1 Salvager Junkgineer - Odenville (COMPLETE!)
    • 1.2 CoG Technosavant - Oilvill…

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Lou Cogg Lou Cogg 24 January 2015

Note on Harvesting - keeping it cleaned up?

I seem to make pretty poor choices of where to place my harvesters.  Although I did stumble across one place that gave me 900+ scrap gears in one 3 hour period, most of mine seem to generate a barrel about every 3 to 5 minutes.  After payday, I'll be buying one of those location things that let me pinpoint where to put a harvesters for maximum output as well as some of that fuel that gives up to a 75% boost in productivity. 

I have been experiencing a situation where it seems that if I leave the one barrel that spawns, the harvesters will slow down production and not spawn another barrel for 5 to 10 minutes.  I have tested this repetitively so I think that is what is happening, but maybe it is something else. 

Does anyone know for sure that …

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Lou Cogg Lou Cogg 22 January 2015

Allies? confusion over ownership of PVP keeps

(edit - Thank you to those that replied, I wasn't sure anyone would even see this and I do appreciate the input and feedback)

20150122 - I may be too much of a role player from way back, but if my allies own a keep, I hesitate to attack it in order to plant my own harvesters.  I have noticed what seems to be a general disregard by others in this matter.  I do understand that if a certain faction that is an ally has the keeps owned, it prevents their allies from planting their harvesters.  Also, I have benefitted from the global control that the faction has achieved on some occassions and I understand the desire for that status as well, but I do see the downsides for their allies.  

It is an unfortunate situation (in my limited experience) th…

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Lou Cogg Lou Cogg 22 January 2015

Steel, steel and more steel

20150122 - did not realize that there would be such a huge demand for scrap steel when I was crafting at 135.

turns out that the components necessary for crafting vehicles in particular requires a BUNCH of scrap steel.

if you are crafting, make scrap steel harvesters and then part an alternate toon at a keep with a common faction.  Whenever you are working on your main, have your alt harvesting.  I am compiling the approximate cost so I know how to price the courier bike key I am crafting.  with over 525 scrap steel being used, just paying for the steel is going to be pricey.

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Yelekam Yelekam 14 October 2014


The Reflections of Jonathan Kearns; Lightbearer Scholar

Knowledge is food of the intellect, intellect is the life blood of guidance, guidance is the backbone of courageous moral effort, and courageous moral effort is the force that will push toward rectification. In advancing knowledge, we help fuel the rebuilding and revival of this world, and set opportunities for the potential advancements which lie ahead.

Everything is black and white, gray is an illusion. The wise see this and exercise judgment; the foolish don't, and thus live in delusion and wallow in indecisiveness. The former will move toward progress and the latter will move toward demise.

Look upon the William Harrison Elementary school. Once a great institution for knowledge, now …

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Yelekam Yelekam 2 October 2014


Knowledge is food of the intellect, intellect is the life blood of guidance, guidance is the backbone of courageous moral effort, and courageous moral effort is the force that will push toward rectification. In advancing knowledge, we help fuel the rebuilding and revival of this world, and set opportunities for the potential advancements which lie ahead.

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Fe bobby Fe bobby 26 August 2014

The Outpost - A first look, I guess

Warning: There is no concept for this post, so this most certainly is going to end up being long-winded and badly written. You've been warned.

Yesterday I noticed the system message that the server is going to shut down in 10 minutes for maintenance was an hour earlier than usual. So I asked about it in /global1, and Thanataofone wrote me a pm, telling me that the new sector is probably going live after the maintenance. After what I saw on the PTS a few weeks back I actually didn't believe that, but he linked me a screenshot of Skathi telling in /global1 a few days earlier, that the Outpost is probably going live this week. Up the server went, there the new sector was. Brilliant. The anniversary for this game is on the 22th of September, so…

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Schütze Jack Schütze Jack 7 June 2014

Fallen Earth

Ragged Radex at Kaibab Forest - Park City (PVP-Area)
  • 6856519 4948565
  • 6860210 4946060
  • 6864011 4942604
  • 6866664 4947026
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Aethaeran Aethaeran 5 May 2014

Locations, NPCTable, MerchantTable, TrainerTable

Today I made it so the templates Template:TrainerTable Template:MerchantTable Template:NPCTable are all automatically transcluded on any article containing Template:Locations. The way it was previously was creating numerous Wanted Pages, and those are my primary focus at the moment.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 2 May 2014

Enemy & Effect Associations

I've added parser functions to both the Enemy and Effect template that will search one another for articles relating to one another, and then produce collapsible tables linking to one another.

All one has to do to connect the to is fill in the 'effect' property in the Enemy template and the 'name' property in the Effect template.

On a side note, I'll try to keep up to date with the changes I make. As I've recently fell off that wagon.

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Cristina Cristina Cristina Cristina 20 April 2014

Serendipity Mob Hunt

WARNING: All of these finds are not in order in the time I found them, Some I found earlier or later on than others shown.

Number: 1

Serendipity Mob: Elder Pale One

Time Taken: 20-30 Minutes

Loot: Gelder (One-Handed Melee Weapon)

Location: Tannerfield Catacombs (Kaibab Forest, Sector 3)

Story: I usually farm Pale Ones at the Catacombs in Tannerfield due to their nice loot tables and other goodies they drop. Little did I know there was a Serendipity Mob in here. His name is the Elder Pale One. When first encountering him I was shocked to see a (Veteran) in this location and went on to kill him. I kept farming and encountered another in just a few minutes. Then after that one I found another. Overall this guy is very easy to spot. In 5 hours (Day I: 3…

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 17 April 2014

The Best Moments of Fallen Earth History - Submit Your Comments

Calling all MMO fans!

I'm excited to announce that Wikia will be creating a Key Moments in MMO History video. This video will give viewers insight on some of the genre's best games, and the best moments from those games. We want to know which moments of Fallen Earth have resonated with players the most!

What is the most important moment in Fallen Earth's History? (For example, was it the introduction of a new expansion? Perhaps the defeat of a major dungeon or boss? An amazing faction-vs-faction war?) We want to hear your opinions to help bring this video to life!

Please submit your comments below. If you would like to personally be featured in the video, record your comment as an audio narration. Your comment could be used to highlight the enti…

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 14 April 2014

Node Template

Made some minor changes to include nodes that appear as the little treasure box symbol. Very rare, but I can think of some I've neglected to add because of a lack of this feature. Will add them as I come to them.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 14 April 2014

Precise Hit in 3.0

Updated the Precise hit actions to reflect the changes in Patch 3.0

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 14 April 2014

Beast Might n Resilience

Updated to reflect the changes in patch 2.71

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 13 April 2014

Alpha County Faction Trophies

Updates the Alpha County Faction Trophies to reflect the changes in Patch 2.7

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 11 April 2014

Item Template

I have successfully merged the Armor, Weapon and Item templates for easier editing, and so that they display in a uniform faction. My next major projects will be to merge the RecipeBox and Item templates, and to move Manual templates to associated Knowledge pages, rather than having them exist on item articles.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 5 April 2014

Patch 3.0 Weapon Changes

I've gone through and updated the majority of the Pistols, Assault Rifles, and Battle Rifles changed in Patch 3.0. There were a few other weapons I noticed were incorrect on my way, but I've yet to have a chance to do the missions required to check ALL of them. Will come back to it later.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 14 March 2014


Made the armor template to ALWAYS put mincondtion\condition (1 & 100 respectively) to the base level, instead of using an if function. Also any input into fatigue now outputs as the base fatigue of 20, instead of using an if function.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 12 March 2014


Added the gallery to Template:Companion as well.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 9 March 2014


Added the Template:Gallery, and the Template:NoImage to be automatically included within our Template:Enemy pages.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 7 March 2014


Added a line of code to automatically add Template:NoImage to Template:NPCBox, so it won't have to be manually added. I'll look into clearing up the duplicates popping up on those pages which have it manually added before I go to bed.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 6 March 2014

Slideshows in Template: Weapon & Template: Armor

I've now added the slideshow gallery to Template:Weapon & Template:Armor as well.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 4 March 2014

Images in Template:Item

I made it so a slideshow gallery is automatically included on all pages using the "Image#" property within a "Template:Item". I also made it so what used to be referred to as Image in that template to now be referred to as "Icon". I realize this will require us to go through all currently existing items and to change "|image = " to "|icon = " but I think in the long run it will make things a lot easier then having to go through and remove\edit every image\gallery a user decides to just plop randomly on a page.

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Aethaeran Aethaeran 4 March 2014

Dusty Lockbox & Tradable Premiums

Created pages for all the Dusty Lockbox contents I could find on the AH. Also added pages for the various tradable premiums:

  • Survivalist Tradable Premium
  • Wastelander Tradable Premium
  • Commander Tradable Premium
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Aethaeran Aethaeran 4 March 2014

Dusty Lockbox

Added all the items I could think of that come out of the Dusty Lockbox.

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