Sector: Plateau
County: Overlook Ridge
Waypoint: /waypoint 3996924 3236140
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 4002607 3239782
Garage: /waypoint 4013623 3212125
Bunker Bar: /waypoint 3992796 3255374


Built in an abandoned rock quarry, the CHOTA have made Boneclaw their last defense against the attacking Blade Dancer raiders while fighting off mutant insects and monsters from below.[1] Once a prosperous mining town for the CHOTA, it was bombed[2] by Alec Masters and was only recently resettled. The town is lead by Strongarm, the Warchief of the Slaughter Kings, and is having trouble keeping Boneclaw together as remnants of Old Boneclaw still cling to old bonds. The Oldclaw, the old residents of Boneclaw led by a woman named Chernobyl, are sowing seeds of dissent from the Kings from Fracture of which Strongarm is a part of. Meanwhile, some are skeptical and afraid of being posted so near the edge of the inhabitable zone of the Plateau, and with the recent death of the shaman, the town's future seems bleak.

To the west of Boneclaw is a large Blade Dancer Fortress led by their boss Dirk who has been harassing both the CHOTA in town and the Traveler families of Midway, to the east the Cave of Beasts.

The CHOTA village of Boneclaw is a starter town with a focus on combat missions.[3] Boneclaw has a "town event" that allows the defenses to be built up to fight off a raider attack. As you bring construction materials and supplies, the town will appear to become more fortified, with new structures appearing.[4]








Boneclaw Missions

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Boneclaw Satellite

Satellite Images of Boneclaw. Click to zoom


Explorer Achievements

Achievement Icon Tourist
Tourist : Boneclaw

Take in the view at Boneclaw.


The Boneclaw tourist achievement is also part of:

Achievement Icon Trailblazer
Trailblazer : Overlook Ridge

See the sights in Overlook Ridge.



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