Sector: Kaibab Forest
County: Timberland
Faction: Human League
Waypoint: /waypoint 6502686 5428701
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 6493662 5416258


The Human League has taken the town and it's citizens captive. The Mission Givers are located at /waypoint 6527676 5400463 at the Gamburian Camp.

Inside the Town you find some Curious Debris. The Citizens, Brekshire Sympathizers, will not attack you. Enemys around the Town are Human Leaguer (Level 31 - 34) and Block Captains (Level 35). They stand inside the Town in Groups of 5 - 7. Some of them are moving in circles around. If you attack one, all will begin to shoot back. It is also possible to sneak around them, but look out for the patrolling Leaguers.

In the Middle of the Town is an Mission Point, where also the Brekshire Sympathizers will attack you (yellow marked). There you also find the Human League Recruiter (Master), who you have to kill at a Group Mission.







Brekshire Missions


Satellite Images

Satellite Images of Brekshire. Click to zoom


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