• Overview from the north
  • Garage and Respawn Pod
  • Lena Orrel
  • Eastside View
  • Mission Point: Old Gastanks in the East at 5325880 to 5062273
  • Danny Willows
  • Storage Place - In- and Outside a lot of Devil's Own
  • Central Townside
  • Tourist Telescope
  • Town Event NPCs
  • Westside
  • Mission Object: Empty Burnside Crate
  • William H. Harrison Elementary School

Sector: Northfields
County: Forest Edge
Waypoint: /waypoint 5255566 5080694
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 5260424 5079047
Garage: /waypoint 5234895 5121420


The town of Burnside is divided into three sections of control; the Human League, the Devil's Own, and the Towns resistance forces, who include the people for the town event. Most of the town is controlled by Human League and the Devils own, with the Human League controlling most of the territory north of main street and the Devils own controlling most of the territory south of main street. The NPC towns event people and the towns resistance reside in a small part of the western edge of town.








Burnside Missions

Town Event

Event Manager Simeon Oliver (Around /waypoint 5255224 5081645) holds the main Town Event mission, turn in Burnside Marker to Town Event Reward Merchants to claim your prize.

  • Please note, the AP quest lines appear to require level 25

Other Notable Information

Some Locations of Curious Debris at:

  • /waypoint 5282874 5083466
  • /waypoint 5278678 5064904
  • /waypoint 5271429 5066901
  • /waypoint 5292305 5061288

Explorer Achievement

Achievement Icon Tourist
Tourist : Burnside

Take in the view at Burnside.


Wastelander Achievement

Wastelander Achievements Icon
Crash and Burn
Unlock the secrets of Burnside


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