Blade Dancers are a vicious gang formed by their enigmatic leader, Loki, and is based primarily in the Embry Commonwealth and Overlook Ridge counties of the Plateau, but their members have also been seen gaining a foothold in Westreach and the Central Plains.

Their members are often bear ranks and titles based on bladed weaponry such as knives, polearms, swords, etc. Many of the midrange members are even known by titles of occupations that use such weaponry, such as Cutter, Butcher, etc. The highest ranking members of the organization have chosen names based on the old Norse Gods, and it is rumored that Loki believes that he is a God himself.

Loki is a dangerous mutant. His human name was Timothy Kenyon and his mother was a Lightbearer who now lives in North Burb. The connection with the Shiva's Favored in the Plateau may be business related or something more. It can be deduced that the method of converting human Blade Dancers into mutants is in the use of the large vat of mixed chemicals and toxic waste located in Junk Fortress. It's also worth noting that many of the higher level Blade Dancers are mutants themselves.


Raiders can be a big pain in the ass, but they’re also an excellent source of supplies, if you don’t mind taking from a thief. In the Plateau, you’ll primarily run into the Blade Dancers in the south, Gaunt's Raiders in the middle of the sector, and the Night Wolves in the northern area. Each gang has its own territory. Gaunt's Raiders have set up in Old Kingman Prison, giving them one of the most secure hideouts in the Province. The others lodge in whatever ruins they can find. In Northfields, the main group you’ll run into are the Devil's Own, though there are smaller gangs wandering around. The Devil's Own are pretty big; they’ve got decent numbers, a fortress, and a lot better equipment than most raiders do.[1]

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