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Scavenger Bosses are stronger opponents, and are tougher than World Bosses. They can also drop unique items in their defeat like Impure Volatile Chemical, General Books and keys (each Scavenger Boss has approx 30% chance to drop lockbox key). There are four Scavenger Bosses:

Baits recipes are found in general knowledge books: General Cooking, General Geology, General Science and General Mutagenics.

Summoning Scavenger Bosses

Scavenger Bosses can be summoned using their baits in three areas:

  • West of Citadel - /waypoint 5619748 4870534
  • South of Dieseltown - /waypoint 6140437 5594223
  • North-west of Rock Bottom - /waypoint 6352609 4656643

Impure Volatile Chemical Drop Rates

  • Scavenger Bosses have a 100% chance to drop 1 and a 50% chance to drop up to 2 more.

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