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Construction knowledge as it appears within the Fallen Earth crafting system.

For a sortable list of all known Construction recipes see Recipes (Construction).

While Construction for the most part does not use parent categories in the recipe list as other tradeskills do, the recipe categories below have been grouped for ease of use.


Your ability to produce camps and buildings. It's base is 11 and it's maximum is twice the total of 75% of your Intelligence and 25% of your Perception.

Construction allows players to construct "Campsites" and their components. Campsites are one-shot items that occupy an area and give various buffs to nearby friendly players. Campsites last for 3 hours in general, and buffs gained from them increase in efficiency as time is spent in the area, similar to bunker bars.

Harvesters and Farms are used for producing materials. For more information, see page Using Harvesters and Farms



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