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==Short Summary==
Your abliity to acquire resources from the earth and refine metals. It's base is 11 and it's maximum is twice the total of 75% of your Intelligence and 25% of your Perception.
Geology covers the refinement of metals into better-quality metals.<ref>{{Cite web | title=Question of the Week: June 27, 2007 - Drink Me!: The Potions and Poisons Questions |url= |publisher=Fallen Earth Forums |accessdate=2007-06-27 }}</ref> It has also been described as the [[tradeskill]] associated with harvesting minerals from the earth.<ref>{{Cite web | url= | title=Fallen Earth Official Site: Tradeskills | publisher=Fallen Earth, LLC | accessdate=2009-6-22}}</ref> Known components obtained through Geology at this time are Coal<ref>{{Cite web | title=Stratics HoC Chat Transcript | url= | publisher=Fallen Earth Forums | accessdate=2009-06-22}}</ref>, Copper, Lead, Weak Geological Chemical, Aluminum, Silver, Iron, Titanium and Clay Nodes (which yeild Ceramic). The quality levels indicate the general value of the materials in relation to actual worth as well as rarity and usefullness. Those qualities are, in ascending order: Scrap, Salvaged, Common, Average, and Superior.<ref>{{Cite web | url= | title=Fallen Earth Official Site: Crafting | publisher=Fallen Earth, LLC | accessdate=2009-6-22}}</ref>
Geology is a primary [[skills|skill]] for the [[Techs|Tech]] [[factions|faction]] and a secondary [[skills|skill]] for [[Enforcers]], [[Travelers]], and [[Vistas]].
===Basic Geology===
*{{SkillEntry|Geology Kit Schematics 1|Geology Kit Schematics 1}}
===General Geology===
*{{SkillEntry|General Geology|General Geology}} Geology 1
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Aluminum Instructions|Refine Aluminum}} Geology 135
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Coal Instructions|Refine Coal}} Geology 63
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Copper Instructions|Refine Copper}} Geology 75
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Iron Instructions|Refine Iron}} Geology 90
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Lead Instructions|Refine Lead}} Geology 90
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Silver Instructions|Refine Silver}} Geology 120
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Steel Instructions|Refine Steel}} Geology 45
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Geology knowledge as it appears within the Fallen Earth crafting system.

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