Harvesters are automatic resource gatherers. Once placed, they accumulate harvestable nodes around them. They can be placed in pvp zones as reward for controlling the area. A guide for using can be found here.

Field of Dreams

Once the faction takes a keep, folks rush in looking for opportunity.

Currently, Harvesters can only be deployed in the Conflict Towns, near Keeps or in The District area.

  • Once deployed a harvester will run for three hours. Slowly it will mine it's specific resource and spawn barrels arround it which contain units of the resource.
  • As the Harvester gets closer to expiring it will begin to produce more barrels.
  • Only the player who placed the harvester can click on it and loot the hopper, which will contain some of the resources.
  • Harvesters do not despawn when the nearby Keep changes hands. The owner of the harvester can no longer get items from the internal bin if the keep or flag changes hands. Harvester despawning was acting more as a disincentive to attack keeps than an incentive to capture them.
  • Harvesters now have varying spawn rates based on the area they are placed. Approximately every 5 days, the resources will move from one location to another. Each general area has a different spawn rate for each resource. The rate differences are much more noticeable in the last hour the harvester exists.

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