Binding / Limiting Usage Edit

While the capacity for bound items is in the game, it will be used very sparingly. Usage of items will instead by limited using restrictions on skills, attributes and faction ranks.[1]

Stats Edit

Currently the following information is displayed when you click on an item. This is not a final list, and there are some notable things missing, such as range, but it gives some idea of what sort of information will be available.[2]

  • Slots: The primary slot taken up by the item, such as “head” for a hat or “hand” for a gun.
  • Required Slots: Other slots the item occupies beyond the primary slot, such as a helmet taking up the ears slot or a two-handed weapon taking up two slots.
  • Weight: Weight of the item, measured in grams.
  • Resists: What sort of resistance to damage the item gives the wearer. Obviously this is primarily used for armor.
  • Ammo Type: What type of ammunition a weapon uses, if any.
  • Ammo: Number of shots a weapon may fire before reloading.
  • Damage: The type and amount of damage the weapon does with each hit. The type is the damage category, such as Slashing, Piercing, Radiation, or Fire. The amount is the numerical base damage of the weapon before it is modified by skill, armor, etc.
  • Attack Skills: What skill is used when attacking with the weapon. This skill determines any damage modifiers due to skill levels.
  • Defensive Skills: What skill is used when defending against the weapon. This skill determines any damage modifiers due to skill levels.
  • Requirements: Any requirements to use the item. This is almost always a skill requirement, but some items may have an attribute, tradeskill, mutation path, or Faction requirement. This is never a level requirement.
  • Modifiers: Any modifiers to attributes, skills, mutation paths, tradeskills, or Faction ratings that equipping the item imposes on the user.
  • Delay: The delay between attacks when using a weapon, measured in seconds.
  • Reload: The time it takes to reload a ranged weapon such as a zip gun or a rifle, measured in seconds.
  • Description: A text description of the item, such as what it is made of or where the item comes from.
  • Effect: Any special effects the item creates if used, such as the healing effect of a first aid kit or the damage effect of a poison.

References Edit

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