Stable Managers can be found at Garages and other places, and perform the same function for Horses (and other living mounts) as Garage Managers do for vehicles.

Stable Managers can "tow" any living mount from anywhere to your present location for a small fee. They can also "store" your mounts (parking) and allow your to activate stored mounts.


Garage Managers are NPCs that can perform some basic functions for vehicles, such as towing (they can retrieve your vehicle from anywhere to your present location for a small fee) and parking ("storing" any vehicles that are not in active use, and allowing you to activate stored vehicles). Garage Managers are at all Garages and occasionally other places as well.

In addition, Garage Managers provide the main interface for painting vehicles as well. To paint a vehicle, you will need Paint and Dye kits of appropriate levels (at least 1, and up to 3 depending on how much you want to paint it).


Auctioneers can be found at Auction Houses. There you can trade any goods that are tradeable.


Clan Managers allow you to create a Clan. You will have to pay a fee of 10 blue chips!
Check the List of Clans before starting your own one.

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