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===Gamma Manipulation===
*{{SkillEntry|Gamma Manipulation 1 Text|Gamma Manipulation 1}}
*{{SkillEntry|Gamma Manipulation 2 Text|Gamma Manipulation 2}}
*{{SkillEntry|Gamma Manipulation 3 Text|Gamma Manipulation 3}}
*{{SkillEntry|Gamma Manipulation 4 Text|Gamma Manipulation 4}}
===General Mutagenics===
*{{SkillEntry|General Mutagenics|General Mutagenics}} Mutagenics 1
*{{SkillEntry|Monkeytown Aid Packages Manual|Euthanasia-in-a-Bottle}} Mutagenics 180
===Mutagenics Kit===
*{{SkillEntry|Mutagenics Kit Schematics 1|Mutagenics Kit 1}}
===Progress Town Mutagenics===
*{{SkillEntry|Progress Town Mutagenics|Progress Town Mutagenics}} Mutagenics 3
===Stable Mutations===
*{{SkillEntry|Stable Mutations Text|Stable Mutations}}
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Gamma Injector Formula|Refine Gamma Injector}} Mutagenics 60
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Genetic Material Mix|Refine Genetic Material}} Mutagenics 90
*{{SkillEntry|Refine Mutant Genetic Material|Refine Mutant Genetic Material}} Mutagenics 180
==Dangerous Mutations==
*{{SkillEntry|Dangerous Mutations Manual|Dangerous Mutations 1}} Mutagenics 75
*{{SkillEntry|Dangerous Mutations 2 Manual|Dangerous Mutations 2}} Mutagenics 135
*{{SkillEntry|Dangerous Mutations 3 Manual|Dangerous Mutations 3}} Mutagenics 195

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Mutagenics knowledge as it appears within the Fallen Earth crafting system.

For a sortable list of all known Mutagenics recipes see Recipes (Mutagenics).

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