The world of Fallen Earth is divided into regions known as sectors.

Make-up Edit

In each sector there are approximately 20-25 towns.[1] Of these:

  • 1 is a barter town that is neutral and has lots of the trade infrastructure like auction houses, banks, etc.
  • 6 are faction towns, one for each faction. These towns will attack enemy faction members that come close to their town, but will not attack neutral characters.
  • 5-8 are conflict towns that players can battle over.
  • 5-8 are neutral towns that have no PvP or faction dependent content.

Known Sectors Edit

There are currently 4 sectors, with 4 additional pseudo-sectors, one of them being PvP-only:

  1. Plateau - Levels 1 to 15
  2. Northfields - Levels 16 to 30
  3. Kaibab Forest - Levels 31 to 46
  4. Alpha County - Levels 50-55

References Edit

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