These creatures show up as part of a normal creature spawns but at random intervals (from several minutes to hours or days, you need to kill mobs in the area to get spawn) and they are visible by their status as Veteran or Boss that are not associated with missions.

"Serendipity system" was added to the game by patch 1.5 [1] and later more serendipity mobs were added by patch 1.8.0 [2] also to Terminal Woods area (these mobs have no Veteran or Boss mark).

Serendipity mob can occur in the area also multiple times at once (see the picture here [3] or here [4] and also here [5]).

Serendipity item is always included in their loot and these items can not be crafted.

For more randomly dropped unique and rare items from creatures check: Unique and rare drops

Serendipity Veterans[edit | edit source]

Serendipity Bosses[edit | edit source]

Serendipity mobs in Terminal Woods[edit | edit source]

These creatures randomly spawn anywhere in Terminal Woods as normal mobs without Veteran or Boss mark.

Other Serendipity mobs[edit | edit source]

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