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[[Image:Terminal_Woods.png|300px|right]][[File:Map_Terminal_Woods.jpg|thumb|300px|Large map of [[:Category:Terminal_Woods|Terminal Woods]]]]
#REDIRECT [[:Category:Terminal Woods]]
*[[Bergman's_Burrow|Bergman's Burrow]]
*[[Earthbound Rifleman Camp]]
*[[Eatman's_Motel|Eatman's Motel]]
*[[Freeman Park]]
*[[GlobalTech Cold Storage]]
*[[Grainway Wall]]
*[[Gritstone_Pit|Gritstone Pit]]
*[[Idyllic_Valley|Idyllic Valley]]
*[[Mutant Bunker]] (marked on the map as "Mutants".
*[[Nothing_Left|Nothing Left]]
*[[Pleasant_Oaks|Pleasant Oaks]]
*[[Ranger_Station|Ranger Station]]
*[[Road Blockade]]
*[[:Category:Rock_Bottom|Rock Bottom]]
*[[Shiva Lake]]
*[[Shopping_Center|Shopping Center]]
*[[Slaughtered Camp]]
*[[Wall Seeker Camp]]
= Global territory control points =
|loc1 = 6602973, 4295383
|name1 = Terminal Woods Peak
|type1 = T
|loc2 = 6607926, 4302488
|name2 = Terminal Woods Northeast
|type2 = T
|loc3 = 6607370, 4292000
|name3 = Terminal Woods Southeast
|type3 = T
[[Category:Grand Canyon Province]]

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