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Toro Bend is named for the fact that the Toro road curves down and around the upper plateau from Trumbull, past the New Toro Power Facility, Dish Field, and Murder hole, to Trailer Park. This county is home base for the Night Wolf gang, which have found themselves being under the control of mutants who've taken control of the power faciltiy.


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This power facility's primary purpose was to provide backup power to GlobalTech's numerous facilities. Once under the control of the Night Wolves, the facility has now been taken over by mutants.
The Hoffa Bunker is an old GlobalTech facility that's been overrun by mutants. Clones wanting to find Elena Winters will likely find her inside trying to repair the facility.
  • Signal Hill
The Enforcers have established base just outside of Trumbull around the local LifeNet facility and pair of old satellite dishes.
  • Lightbearer Camp
The Lightbearers have established a small camp on the edge of the upper plateau, and claim it is simply a place for meditation, but the Travelers suspect it is actually a secret training space for Lightbearer ninjas.
  • Tech / Enforcer Camp
The Enforcers and Techs have built a camp overlooking the power facility, and are working on plans to take control of the structure. Clones should beware, however, the guards of this camp are under strict orders to not allow anyone near.
  • Faction Camps
Just around Murder Hole, each of the major factions have established their own camps. The factions have opted not to fight within this area, but once one enters Murder Hole all bets are off.
  • Watchful Height
Once a small town near Trailer Park, Judges have taken over this small residential hamlet.
  • Night Wolf Den
The Night Wolves have a small cave system that they are using as a base of operations for raids on Trailer Park's oil mining facilities.
  • Observer's Outpost
A mysterious stranger known only as the Observer watches over the Hoffa Bunker from this small set of buildings.
  • Medical Outpost
This small camp was once a medical outpost that supplied needed medical supplies to Trailer Park, but has been ransacked by the local Judges.
The LeTupac family lives on a small farm northeast of the Dunsinane Tunnel and have been feuding with the Geaumonts who live just across the border in Lower Toro Valley.
A camp of Judge Acolytes and Judge Penitents Southeast of Trailer Park.

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