Defense Towns are locations of settlement with player contributed buildings that are attacked by waves of hostile NPC. Players from all factions are called to defend the town from the attackers. These areas also offer recipes for special Construction, Cooking, Medicine and Mutagenics items to aid players in the towns defense. Various tradeskill manuals can be bought from the Recipe Merchant and the Convenience Merchant.

Defense TownsEdit

This progress town is located at /waypoint 4682757 5651746 in S2.
This progress town is located at /waypoint 6568863 4976092 in S3.
This Progress Town is located in Deadfall, at /waypoint 5783074 4938122, a part of S3.
This Progress Town is located in The Outpost, at /waypoint 6159695 3443599.

Recipe MerchantEdit

The Recipe Merchant sells the books needed to build the various town buildings and defenses.

Convenience MerchantEdit

The Convenience Merchant (only appears if you place a merchant bundle in town) sells ammunition and recipe books for making brandy, medicine stims, and mutagenic items.

Appears in all four towns:


Progress Town, Stronghold and Citadel have a mission that can be picked up from a NPC, only if the Mission Bundle has been placed. The mission consists of killing 10 raiding NPC and has a 15 minute lockout before you can take the mission again. This mission rewards of a large amount of XP and a set amount of defense tokens. The defense tokens can be used to redeem Questionable Mutant Juniper, and later on in Citadel, Salvaged Pre-Fall Tech and Impure Volatile Chemical. These items are tradeskill components and can be later used to make a craftable item.

Situation is a bit more difficult in The Outpost.

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