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Here is a sorted list of known unique and rare drops added to game with patch 1.1.0 dropped from creatures (usually marked as Boss or Master). Some of these creatures may be spawned only during active mission or in mission instance.

List of Bosses and Masters without confirmed unique or rare drop can be found here: Blog post

More unique items marked as serendipity can be found here: Serendipity Mobs


All these drops are confirmed by me, some of them I got only from one type of creatures (f.e. Doctor Kirsh's Emblem of Erudition) but it can be obtained from other types of creatures (in this case from Professor Emeritus Smith or Professor Thornberg), which was confirmed by other players.

If you manage to find another rarity non-listed here, please let me know. I will try to update this page whenever I find something new. (Lukasocz)

Special drops[]

Sometimes you can find these special drops:

Olympic Foil drop[]

This melee weapon can be considered as unique. It has salvage option but it can't be salvaged or crafted because there doesn't exist recipe with knowledge for that.

Olympic Foil is dropped by mobs (listed below) who can drop also random low-level melee weapons which aren't unique because they can be crafted.

List of enemies with Olympic Foil drop:

Metalhead T-Shirt drop[]

This armor item can be considered as unique because there is only one place where you can loot it from enemies (listed below).

These mobs can drop also armor items Red Bandana and Black Shorts which aren't unique because they can be crafted.

List of enemies with Metalhead T-Shirt drop:

Special drops from boxes or bags[]

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