Character creation screen, with inset screenshots of the login and server selection screens.

Physical Appearance Edit

When you are creating your character, you select a head from a number of choices. You will not have sliders for facial features. Let's just say that there's a reason the clones look somewhat similar... and that will come into play later as a storyline element.[1]

You can alter your age slightly, and you can alter the pigmentation of your skin. At this point, we do not have the ability to have overweight player characters. Since almost all of Fallen Earth's items are "real" and are visible on your character, it becomes tricky to change the proportions of the characters in any non-uniform way. Fallen Earth does allow you to scale your characters proportionally up or down slightly so you can have a smaller character or a larger bruiser-looking character, but is not supporting big bellies in the initial release.

So... what can you customize about your characters during character creation? You can have four characters per server. I didn't include any screens of the character creation process since a lot of that is still temp graphics and there are choices in there that will not be available as starting choices for players.

You can select Male/Female head model, skin tone, age, eye color, hair style/color, body scale. You can select a number of accessories such as facial hair for men (2 slots so you can have stubble independent of beards/moustaches) and makeup for women (one slot for eye shadow and one slot for lipstick). Men and women both can select up to two sets of facial piercings. Men can choose to have some degree of body hair while women can opt for a belly ring.

Equipment Edit

As far as equipment goes, players get a choice of some very basic starting clothing. You can choose a shirt and some shoes. Everything else you'll have to beg, steal or fight for.

Starting Out Edit

There are other character modifications will be available once the player gets out into the world. Players will be able to select from starter towns broken across three counties in the first sector. Each town has its own stories, missions, merchants, items, tradeskill knowledges, etc, though the towns in each county are tied together in terms of story and background.

Very little about your physical appearance can be altered once you leave character creation (as of April 2012), so try to ensure you are comfortable with your character's looks before hitting 'Confirm'.[2]

Character Names Edit

Names are allowed to be up to 32 characters with no numbers, symbols or articles. This may change. Two words are allowed, a single space.[3]

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