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A level based system will be deployed within which characters receive experience points by completing various tasks. This may involve defeating enemies in combat, completing missions, exploring the environment and crafting items. The amount of experience a character has procured determines their level, so as experience increases, level increases at various thresholds.

However, true progression lies in the form of the advancement point (AP) system. Although you gain 20AP each level, there are alternative methods for gaining AP such as completing special missions. Additionally, AP is delivered incrementally as you gain experience, rather than being delivered when the next level is reached. This means a set of arbitrary players, each at level 10, may each have a different amount of AP. [1]

So what exactly is AP?

AP's are distributed over three independent branches that define your character. These include:

Why are these important?

Well, firstly they provide various bonuses to your character including buffs to your health, gamma, stamina, etc. Additionally, they determine how proficient you are with a particular skill. For example, investing a number of APs into the pistol skill will improve your proficiency with a pistol. Most obviously, how well you operate and how much damage you can deal with an arbitrary pistol.

Furthermore, there are:

However these crafting disciplines will increase automatically as you craft items of the related discipline. For example, if your characters build many weapons, their weaponry trade skill will increase without AP. The main advantage of making crafting independent of AP is that crafter's will not be forced to minimise their combat abilities in order to maximise their crafting abilities.

Learning Abilities Edit

There are a variety of non-mutant abilities called knowledges. These involve anything from crafting recipes to harvesting particular plants to combat techniques. In addition, there is a variety of methods to acquire them:

  • Teaching from a neutral/faction skill trainer [3]
  • Reading a book, either crafted by another player or discovered in your journeys [4]

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