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Factions United Clan Killers (F.U.C.K.) is an omni crafters clan with members scattered around the Fallen Earth wastelands doing a variety of missions, all sector defense town raids, and G.O.R.E. Bosses. It is a small group of wastelanders that will RP/roleplay friendship and family from within the clan. Its only PvP creed is to shoot everyone except for a fellow clan member wearing the same clan tag regardless of faction. Due to the nature of its omni faction membership, it cannot be allied to other PVP clans. The clan can only be allied to itself. It may however choose to hire mercenaries and mercenary clans for additional manpower. Conflicts from within the clan due to faction related issues are best settled with duels between disagreeing parties to be witnessed by any of the high ranking clan leaders. After the 3 duels are over, the issue is put aside. Shooting another clan member in a PvP zone is grounds for immediate ejection. The only time a clan member can shoot another is during Blood Sports or duel training sessions and all in the name of gamesmanship. Leadership in the clan is rotated once every 6 months and to a different faction each time. No same faction can rule the clan for 2 consecutive terms.

As it is a crafter's clan, it has members who can craft for hire. Payments are made to the crafter for whom a player also provide the materials for. Understand that one is not paying for the clan's materials but for the crafter's valuable crafting time. Contact any active member of Factions United Clan Killers should any player wish to join or simply hire to craft anything for a certain fee. Players from any faction and every level are welcome to join the clan.


RaidCall id# 5948210 Note: The RC channel is only active during a clan grind, boss hunt, PvP harvest, or shared PvE mission.

Steam Group[]

Steam Group id 5758831

Photo Collection[]

Fuckers at Sector 3 Earthbound Scientist Quest


Fuckers at Sector 1

Some Fuckers

Fuckers at the El Cadejo Mission in Briggs Point

Confusious of B.O.S.S. + Riorojas of F.U.C.K.

Fuckers at EW Grind

Riorojas of F.U.C.K. and Confusious of B.O.S.S.