Sector: Plateau
County: Overlook Ridge
Waypoint: /waypoint 3965375 3389893
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 3971259 3398853
Garage: /waypoint 3952585 3372813
Bunker Bar: /waypoint 3959177 3389346


Built out of an old training station for Fire and Rescue response, Clinton F.A.R.M. is under siege from Blade Dancer raiders who are excavating deadly toxins from the mine beneath the town. Before the Fall, Clinton FARM was where they trained people to be rangers, EMTs and other kinds of service officers. The town is governed by a family who changed their names to Clinton and has been living in the FARM since the fall. The FARM acts as an academy and continues to train cadets, rangers and doctors up to this day thanks to the Clinton Family.

Clinton FARM is a Starter town with a focus on support missions. FARM is an acronym for Fire, Alpine Rescue and Medical.








Clinton FARM Missions

Town Event

Event Manager Howard Clinton (Around /waypoint 3964912 3442986) holds the main Town Event mission, turn in Clinton FARM Chips to claim your reward from the NPC at the event area.

Notable Information


Satellite Images

Clinton FARM overhead

Satellite images of Clinton FARM. Click to zoom


Explorer Achievements

Achievement Icon Tourist
Tourist : Clinton FARM

Take in the view at Clinton FARM.


The Clinton FARM tourist achievement is also part of:

Achievement Icon Trailblazer
Trailblazer : Overlook Ridge

See the sights in Overlook Ridge.

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