Crude Electric Generator
ManualNature 3 Instructions
SkillNature 150
Components3x Common Copper
3x Average Cotton
3x Scrap Wires
3x Salvaged Plastic
ToolNature Tradeskill Kit
Time12m 30s (9m 22s)

Crude Electric Generator
Crude Electric Generator
This device collects static electricity generated while walking to be used as burst attack against a single opponent.

Item Level:50
Weight:0.5 kg
Effect:Crude Electric Generator
This Nature item inflicts 100 electrical damage on a single target. Cannot be used again for 1 minute.
Charge Time:2.0 seconds
Delay:120.0 seconds
Requirement: Player Level 40


Despite what is said in the item description in-game. This item only has a 60 second delay.

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