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Crude Narcotoxin
ManualAdvanced Nature 1 Instructions
SkillNature 105
Components5x Common Toxin
3x Standard Antiseptic
4x Impure Pain Killer
1x Scrap Ceramic
ToolNature Tradeskill Kit
Time12m 30s (9m 22s)
Vial 6.PNG
Crude Narcotoxin
This poison damages your target's stamina and reduces Perception and Dexterity.

Item Level:40
Weight:0.198 kg
Effect:Crude Narcotoxin
This Nature item drains 80 stamina and reduces Perception and Dexterity by 7 for 30 seconds.
Charge Time:1.0 seconds
Delay:20.0 seconds
Requirement: Player Level 25