Crude Radiation Remedy
ManualImproved Pathology 1 Instructions
SkillMedicine 90
Components5x Impure Geologic Chemical
4x Questionable Water
5x Impure Botanic Chemical
5x Scrap Rubber
1x Common Stimulant
ToolMedicine Tradeskill Kit
Time12m 30s (9m 22s)
Crude Radiation Remedy
This injector provides treatment for multiple radiation effects over a short period.

Item Level:32
Weight:0.396 kg
Effect:Crude Radiation Remedy
This Medicine item attempts to remove rank 5 or lower radiation effects every 5 seconds for 15 seconds.
Charge Time:1.0 seconds
Delay:60.0 seconds
Requirement: Player Level 20

Crude Radiation Remedy
A treatment for sick Vistas in St. Sebastian's

This item can not be traded
This item can not be sold
This is a mission item
Item Level:32
Weight:0.396 kg
Effect:Mission Item
This item is utilized for the completion of a mission.

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