The first time you die you suffer a ten-minute experience point debuff so you earn experience points more slowly than normal, but can otherwise perform normally. If you die again before those ten minutes are up, you gain a new ten-minute debuff that reduces all your physical abilities. If you die again before the second debuff is gone, you gain a more serious debuff that further reduces your physical abilities for ten minutes. This allows players who simply have bad luck in the wilderness to get back into the game with only a slow-down in experience gain, while those involved in PvP or other activities will quickly find that repeated deaths mean they should leave the field of battle for a time.

There are few LifeNet pods in PvP zones, so players will always come back in safe territory and must then actively return to the PvP area to continue fighting. This can take a little bit depending on your mode of transportation, so PvP battles will not be simple contests of who can resurrect faster.

Some PvP zones do have LifeNet pods; but these are in 'Safe Zones' and have many paths out. In many PvP zones with LifeNet pods; there are terminals like Fast Travel terminals, which you can use to go to a different LifeNet pod within the same PvP zone - this ensures that your opponent has no idea where you will be appearing from.

Incapacitation Edit

When you hit 0 hit points you are incapacitated. You then have five minutes to receive some sort of special healing that can cure such problems, such as a crash cart Medicine tradeskill item. If you don't get that help, then at the end of the five minutes you go to the nearest appropriate LifeNet pod. You can also choose to forgo the five minutes and immediately resurrect at the LifeNet pod.

Item Drop on Death Edit

Players do not leave lootable corpses and thus cannot steal each other's items. By the same token, players cannot steal each other's mounts or vehicles.

Resurrection other than LifeNet Edit

Players can resurrect other players, using any of the following:

Sources Edit

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  • Additional changes by Tai Owens are from in-game observation by Tai Owens and Nip Eild.
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