The Dome (1)
StartUpon entering The Dome.
EndUpon killing Doctor Kisses
ChainThe Dome (1)
The Dome (2)
The Dome (3)
The Dome (4)
The Dome (5)
The Dome (6)
The Dome (7)
The Dome (8)
The Dome (9)
The Dome (10)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Dome (Instance)
Dome r1 bomb

Bomb device

Dome r1 charge

Electrical charge

The Dome
Mission-Round 1
Mission-Ready yourself and proceed to the next waypoint.

The Dome



This is first round of The Dome. Main task of this round is defeating Doctor Kisses. Kisses will spawn with fixed aggro to one of the players. Second player will become target for smaller insects, which will spawn on his location with 15 seconds interval.

Due to Doctor's fast health regen and huge amount of health points the only way to kill it, is using bomb in the center of round stage. To activate it players need to bring electrical charge from one of stage corners and use it. During that action you will get negative effect called Heavy Bomb.

Doctor Kisses will automatically hit charge carrier with nuke if he will be too close. That forces players to split up to different tasks in this round.

Once bomb is activated it will hit Kisses, kill all remaining small insects and switch its aggro to another player. Bomb's area of effect is limited to small area around it which is marked with poles.


In this round following enemies will spawn:

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