Note: Unless you have already researched Motorcycles, you will basically need to craft a total of 2 ATV keys (1 is consumed in researching Motorcycles) and 1 Motorcycle Key to begin researching your first Dune Buggy.

To actually construct it, you need to make sure you have already learned Tires 2 , Frames 2 , Control System 2 , and Engines 2 . The schematics for these manuals can be crafted by anyone who has already contructed an ATV key. You will need to know all these skills to make the components, and crafting the books will require constructing multiple Tier 1 ATV and/or Motorcycle versions of each of those items. They all require Science 75 as well. Of course you can just buy them from vendors as well, but they are not cheap. 

Due to the Science level requirement, you will need to be player level 16 (at a bare minimum) to research Dune Buggys...even with Intelligence and Perception stats maxed. 

Dune Buggy Research
ManualMotorcycle Research
SkillScience 75
Components10x Scrap Paper
1x Pen
10x Basic Vehicle Repair Kit
1x ATV Key
1x Motorcycle Key
ToolScience Tradeskill Kit
Time2h 30m (1h 52m)
Book Blue Icon
Dune Buggy Research
This Science tradeskill manual teaches Dune Buggy.

This item can not be traded
Item Level:25
Weight:0.5 kg
Effect:Dune Buggy
Teaches Dune Buggy
Requirement: Science 75

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