Electric Buggy Key
ManualImproved Dune Buggy Research
SkillScience 135
Components1x Electric Dune Buggy Engine
1x Dune Buggy Tires
1x Improved Dune Buggy Control System
1x Light Dune Buggy Frame
ToolScience Tradeskill Kit
Time19h 38m (14h 43m)
Combat Buggy Key icon
Electric Buggy Key
Use this item to summon a Electric Buggy. Once summoned it will remain in world unless parked at a garage. This vehicle has 120000 Stamina, Fuel Efficiency of 225, 40 storage slots, and is a alt fuel vehicle.

Item Level:45
Weight:0.001 kg
Effect:Vehicle Generator Trigger
Using this item generates a vehicle.
Requirement: Dexterity 55

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