Type:Insects (Wasps)
Sector:Kaibab Forest
Area:GlobalTech Cold Storage
Location:/waypoint 6287246 4396331

Loot Window Top
Loot Window Left Average Botanic Chemical Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Edible Vegetable Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left G.O.R.E. Pistols Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Ragged Kevlar Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Salvaged Aluminum Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Box of Common Fasteners Loot Window Right
Loot Window Bottom
Knowledge: Harvest Insect
Skill: Nature 195


Buzzkill uses during battle also higher tiers of effects Frostbite (tier 2 and tier 3) and Smoldering Fire (tier 2 and tier 3).

Buzzkill is one of the new G.O.R.E. Bosses released in Patch 2.5. It is summoned by using a Pest Spray while at GlobalTech Cold Storage. If you are in the team of the player who used the Pest Spray to summon Buzzkill, then upon her defeat you will trigger the completion of the mission Buzzkill Down! where you get to choose between two different components used to construct the new G.O.R.E. Weapons: Conductive Accelerator Coil or Micro Shock Dampener. If you are the player who spawns Buzzkill, in addition to choosing from one of the two previous components, you will receive a Ballistic Ionizer Cartridge. All three of these components are used in the construction of the new G.O.R.E. Pistols.

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