Polkovnik Ostrovsky
Name:Polkovnik Ostrovsky
Type:Humanoids (White Crow)
Level:50 (Boss)
Sector:Kaibab Forest
Area:Terminal Woods
Location:/waypoint 5619748 4870534
/waypoint 6140437 5594223
/waypoint 6352609 4656643

Loot Window Top
Loot Window Left Average Cotton Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Impure Volatile Chemical Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Frayed Synthetic Cloth Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left General Science Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Pristine Wool Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Frayed Aramex Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Green Copper Key Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Blue Steel Key Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Box of Common Fasteners Loot Window Right
Loot Window Bottom


Polkovnik Ostrovsky is Scavenger Boss summoned by using White Crow Emergency Beacon which can be crafted if you have the General Science knowledge.

The recipe for White Crow Emergency Beacon requires:

Once you use White Crow Emergency Beacon red "X" mark appears in Terminal Woods (west of Rock Bottom or in Deadfall (south of Foothills). Location depends on place where you will use that item. When you reach waypoint Polkovnik Ostrovsky appears. This Boss can spawn small group of 2-3 White Crow reinforcements with rocketlauncher and 2-3 Redstone reinforcements. These reinforcements have ranged weapons and deal small damage to tank or team/raid members and some of them have also heavy weapons with what they can deal 10+ damage each second to tank or team/raid members.

This Boss is hard to kill, he can be killed in team of 2-3 players but recommended is to bring more players. He has lot of health points and he uses health regeneration buff to himself so bring lot of ammo if you aren't melee build. Good tactic to kill him is that one player tank Boss and rest of team handle damage to Boss, kill respawning enemies and heal tank. Polkovnik Ostrovsky can deal 300+ insta damage and also 20+ cold or fire damage each second to tank. This Boss also spawn small group of landmines under your feet and if you stay a while in them you will get 300+ insta damage so don't forget to avoid these landmines by running away from blast distance (you can see information about placed landmines in the middle of screen and you can also see these landmines on radar map as red points).

Except high tier of tradeskill components Polkovnik Ostrovsky always drops 1-3x Impure Volatile Chemical and 1x random General Book. He has also approx 30% chance to drop lockbox key.

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