Find the Infiltrators is a World Event for Lightbearers and allies in St. Sebastian's.

Progress Edit

To complete the event there is one goal to achieve:

Kill the All-Mind spies Edit

Find the Infiltrators

The All-Mind have infiltrated the local guards. Talk to Janet Skinner near the garage. At least 25 All-Mind spies remaining.

Janet Skinner informs the player that the All-Mind infiltrated St. Sebastian's and that many of the patrolling guards in the city are now working for the All-Mind. In the drawers of the table to her right are All-Mind Detectors which are used to find the spies.

Reward Edit

World Event Reward

You have been rewarded for participating in a World Event.

Once the All-Mind spies are eliminated, the participating players receive 1 AP as the world event reward. Additionally the players gain Lightbearers faction points on completing the event. A total of 3000 Lightbearers faction points are shared between all participating players.

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