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|effecttime = 1.0
|effecttime = 1.0
|requirement = 48
|requirement = 48
|icon = evergreen_beans_icon.png

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Evergreen Beans
ManualEngineered Eats 1 Cookbook
SkillCooking 174
Components1x Edible Vegetable
1x Average Geologic Chemical
2x Aromatic Spice
ToolCooking Tradeskill Kit
Time10m 0s (7m 30s)
Evergreen beans icon
Evergreen Beans
Dipped in green paint-- I mean preserving vitamins!
This item can be consumed
Item Level:58
Weight:0.2 kg
Effect:Evergreen Beans
This food item increases Health regeneration by 14 and increases Reflexes save by 17 for 1 hour.
Charge Time:1.0 seconds
Requirement: Player Level 48

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