Experience Points (XP) are gained through combat, crafting, exploration, and missions. Experience points raise your level and are the most basic form of advancement in the game. A character requires a certain amount of experience points to go up a level; each time a player earns 1/10th of the experience needed to go up a level, they earn 3 AP. Each time a player goes up a level, their attributes receive a small boost. The difference between levels is very small, with APs being much more important than level advancement. Players of drastically different levels can still be competitive depending on how their APs are spent.

In regards to missions; missions award varying degrees of experience depending on one's level in relation to the mission(s) intended level. For every level a clone is below a mission's intended level they will gain an extra %10 experience (for example, a level 15 missions that awards 500 experience would give a level 14 clone 550 experience), and for every level a clone is above a mission's intended level they will receive %10 less experience to a minimum of 10% experience (e.g. "A level 15 mission that awards 500 experience will award a level 19 clone 300 experience, and award a level 25 clone 50 experience).

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