Where can I download Fallen Earth? Edit

You can buy Fallen Earth via the official distributors, listed on the official site.

Steam now also has a download for Fallen Earth.

Are there any character creation tools available Edit

There are currently no character creation tools available. The developers have said that the creation of such tools would require too much time to pursue.[1]

Are there any videos / screenshots / music? Edit

Yes, many. See the Links page and also the official site.

Will there be grues? Edit

There will be no grues, but sometimes it will be pitch black outside.[2]

Will the game be optimized for dual core? Edit

It runs real pretty on a dual core or quad core.[3]

Will the developers be playing the game themselves? Edit

They'd better be! It’s the best way to see what’s wrong with your game.[4]

Will there be loading between areas? Edit

There will be no loading between areas.[5]

What computer will I need to play? Edit

The minimum and recommended specifications are available on the official site.

How many servers (shards) are there? Edit

There is currently one shard. As far as it is known, no more are currently planned. The developers have indicated a preference to not have an open PvP shard, instead opting for adding a new variety of PvP, which is currently in development.[6]

How long is a day / night cycle in Fallen Earth? Edit

The day / night cycle is about 6 times faster than normal, so a full day is 4 hours.[7]

Will the interface have a built-in audio player? Edit

The user interface will not include an audio player, atleast at release.[8]

Will there be server events? Edit

There are plans to hold 6 to 8 holiday events per year, with each event being associated with a particular faction.

Are there any plans for expansions? Edit

The developers plan to release regular, free expansions which will consist of an entire new sector and a raise in the level cap.

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