Faction Control Guard Bundle
ManualAdvanced Camps 2 Instructions
SkillConstruction 164
Components10x Average Bandage
8x Stadium Bratwurst
1x Basic Vehicle Repair Kit
ToolConstruction Tradeskill Kit
Time20m 0s (15m 0s)
Paper Bag Icon
Faction Control Guard Bundle
Contains bribes and food to hire a Faction Control Point Guard. This item only works near Faction Control Point owned by your faction.

Item Level:1
Weight:0.001 kg
Effect:Hire Faction Guard
Hire a Faction Control Point Guard of your Faction.


After taking control of a global territory control flag, this item can be used to hire a Faction Guard to assist in the flags defense. The guard you summon will be a level comparable to the area he (or she) is defending in.

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