This page is dedicated for our wiki's overall plan. If a user were to ask "What's the big idea?" this page should help in pointing the way to a reasonable answer.

This page should not catalog all the answers, but should rather provide an organized list of links to pages which do so. The Big Idea we are covering is the wiki project itself, not the actual game we play.

Principles[edit source]

This section will document the Big Idea behind the principles we use here. Our guiding principles should be identifiable as the basis of every other Big Idea we have listed.

Policy[edit source]

This section will document the Big Idea behind the policies we use here. Although this can link to some of our policies, it would be better for this section to cover the "big idea" which drives our motivation to set policies of any sort. One commonly held idea is the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) basis of setting policies. Policies only have to be effective, they need not be extensive. Too many policies typically discourage the wider participation which benefits a wiki like ours.

Procedure[edit source]

This section will document the Big Idea behind the procedures we use on the wiki. As in the policy section, links to certain procedures can be provided. However, the idea behind how we structure our procedures would be more informative to the reader and more constructive to the development of our community culture.

Idiosyncrasies[edit source]

Procedure is a likely location to list our wiki's idiosyncrasies, our wiki methods which can be considered somewhat unique. One item which comes to mind is our page titling. Most wiki standards direct users to use "sentence case" wording such as "Big idea" instead of "Big Idea" for this page's name. Many gaming wikis follow typical wiki standards and abandon in-game usage in preference to normal wiki usage. The Fallen Earth Wiki ha.

Plan[edit source]

This section will document the Big Idea behind how we have organized wiki content, and any plans we have to reorganize it in the future.

Where Things Belong[edit source]

Here we will explain where we place our various types of content. For instance, content about the wiki is placed in the "Fallen Earth Wiki" namespace. Information relating to the game, Fallen Earth, can be found in the "Main" namespace, and user-based information is found in the "User" namespace.

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