By default on Wikia, a bureaucrat can grant rollback, administrator, and bureaucrat status, and can also revoke rollback and admin rights. While bureaucrats cannot directly remove other user's bureaucrat status, a bureaucrat may remove their own bureaucrat group.


Bureaucrat user rights are a level above that of administrators, yet those rights do not include administrator privileges. These are only obtained when a bureaucrat is also appointed to be a wiki administrator.

Bureaucrats have the ability to to promote and revoke rollback, chat moderator and administrator user rights. They can also appoint additional bureaucrats, but cannot revoke that status.


Our administration policy includes provisions designed to help our wiki community avoid a break in bureaucratic continuity similar to those experienced in past years. Although any bureaucrat can assign these user rights to any registered user, our bureaucrats are expected to adhere to Fallen Earth Wiki's Administration Policy when selecting and promoting users.

Although a bureaucrat cannot directly revoke another user's bureaucrat status, they can remove their own. Only Wikia staff can remove bureaucrat status otherwise in the case of inactive users, or at the request of the currently active community - particularly in cases where bureaucrat rights have been abused.

Bureaucrats also have the ability to revoke a user account's bot status in the event a bot is malfunctioning. However, community consensus must be obtained for the addition or reactivation of such bot status.

By default, bureaucrats are not identified on their user pages. If a bureaucrat is also an admin, only "ADMIN" will show. Special:ListUsers must be used to tell bureaucrats from other administrators.


Although wiki founders automatically have bureaucrat rights, Fallen Earth Wiki never had an original user founder. Three of our past bureaucrats have been assigned by Wikia staff. Two of those had been assigned through their wiki adoption process.

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For a complete list of users with bureaucrat status, see Special:Listusers/bureaucrat.

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