Wiki Mainspace Content CriteriaEdit

  • All content shall relate to Fallen Earth. All content shall relate to the game as delivered by the developers; specific user modifications do not belong within mainspace articles.
  • All content shall be accurate, and shall reflect Fallen Earth Wiki's aim to provide reliable information.
  • All content shall be informative to the general Fallen Earth gaming community. Information which only serves the interests of the writer or of other editors (as opposed to readers) shall not be included.
  • All content shall be verifiable. Other editors must be able to check and verify the accuracy of wiki content.
  • All content shall be objective. Opinions, gameplay strategy, and "my favorite"-style passages do not belong within articles. Accordingly, guides may be posted as subpages of one's user page or as a blog.
  • All content shall abide by copyright regulations. Generally, content from other web sites shall not be copied unless permission has been granted. For example, do not upload magazine scans or add illegally obtained information, so as to avoid potential legal problems.

Spoiler policyEdit

The entire wiki is considered a spoiler and specific spoiler alerts need not be placed in articles.

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