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With the addition of the new G.O.R.E. Weapons there are now also the new G.O.R.E. Bosses

Additional Information

This information was posted by Grunt;

Hey guys, I wanted to clear a few things up. We made a hotfix to address the issue mentioned in the OP. If the boss is successfully killed, the player who spawned it will receive a mission reward with the component that was previously dropping from the boss. They will also have their choice between two other components required for that particular weapon.

Any other players in a non-raid team with them will get a mission reward to claim their choice between those other two components. There should no longer be any reason to fear using your boss bait items. If you spawned it, only you and your team will be able to receive the G.O.R.E. components from killing it. As always, if there are any further issues with this please let us know. [1]



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