G.O.R.E. Enhancement
G.O.R.E. Enhancement
Aids in the creation of high tier G.O.R.E. Weapons

This item can not be sold
This is a tradeskill component
Weight:0.001 kg

Pricing Guide
Buy Price249 G1C
Wastelander212 G1C
Commander199 G1C

More Information

Aids in the creation of high tier G.O.R.E. Weapons. Increases successful upgrade chance by 5%, and removes the chance of failure completely. Without this Enhancement, there is a chance to lose your base level G.O.R.E. weapon when upgrading, or downgrade from higher level versions.

Note: This purchase (from the marketplace) grants a single G.O.R.E. Enhancement to a single character.

G.O.R.E. Enhancement on the Fallen Earth Marketplace.

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