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G.O.R.E Weapon Plans[]

GlobalTech Ordinance of Rapid Extermination – have been leaked! All six factions are scrambling to be the first to complete the new lethal designs. These weapons promise a major improvement over existing technology, lending those lucky enough to find them early a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Three New G.O.R.E Weapon lines[]

Built to meet the needs of a diverse set of combat situations, schematics outline three models built off of newly discovered tech:

Only the base schematics are available in the wild, but each can be upgraded up to two additional times to realize the full potential as imagined by the GlobalTech engineers

Little Lunatic[]

The little lunatic is the lowest tier of the lunatic set. It requires a combat level of 55 (max level) to wield, and 195 melee skill to use to its full power. In order to obtain the items you need to fight lilith in the cemetery near Los Almos in dead fall, effectively making this end game content. It takes roughly 16-20 hours to obtain everything if you have a good team who knows how to take lilith on. This is one of the more brutal melee weapons, and even in its lowest tier is capable of instilling fear into anyone unfortunate enough to be on the opposite side of the blade.

Launch Event[]

Outsiders have been moving suspicious caravans through the canyon, rumored to contain both prototypes G.O.R.E. weapons and the supplies to construct them. LifeNet Technicians in capital cities will be urging clones to help discover the locations of the stashed crates, and to bring back anything they find. Successfully completing the mission grants a unique item reward, and participants will get their choice of G.O.R.E schematics.


G.O.R.E. weapons were released as part of Fallen Earth's 3rd anniversary celebration.[1]