Linewood Garage

The Linewood Garage

Garages are normally located just outside each city, and contain a Stable Manager, Garage Manager, Horse Merchant, and Fuel and Feed Merchant.  Garage Managers allow you to store unused mounts, and "tow" any mount to your current location, no matter where you left it (including horses) via the "tow" and " park" icons when you talk to them. There is a fee for towing mounts or vehicles, but it is typically so small as to be trivial. Garage merchants will also sell items to fuel and repair your mounts and vehicles. 

Garages are almost always within a short walking distance from a LifeNet Bunker in order to minimize the time it takes players to get back their mounts after dying.

Garages are not safe havens and are not patrolled. Nearby enemies can still attack you there. NPC enemies do sometimes wander within range of the Garage NPCs. 

All players after Patch 2.4 have a new ability called "Find Closest Garage" under their general abilities. This ability will give you a mission and a waypoint that leads to the closest garage.

Prior to Patch 1.9.2, these locations were also the start of the ATV missions, or they contained an NPC to tell which cities do have the missions. NOTE: The following lists of garage locations is far from complete.


Contains location of garages with markers

Sector 1 GaragesEdit

Nearest Town X Y
Boneclaw (North) 3994000 3256000
Boneclaw (South) 4013000 3213000
Clinton FARM 3953000 3372000
Depot 66 4382269 3493260
Embry Crossroads 4274959 3259421
Old Kingman 4178984 3590206
Midway 3888000 3208000
Odenville 3961000 3085000
Odenville (North) 3939000 3112000
Odenville (East) 4001000 3069000
Oilville 4325287 3462906
Spider Hill 4694000 4112000
Trumbull 4828000 4184000
Watchtower (North East) 4552000 3966000
Toro Bend 5015230 4152350
Watchtower (West) 4463000 3929000
Mowbray 4428000 4051000
South Burb 4357406 3133602
North Burb 4394679 3291472
Terance 4387343 3398802
Zanesville 4490940 3517588
Mumford 4171492 3067733

Off Location GaragesEdit

County X Y
Embry Commonwealth 4305033 3227738
Lower Toro Valley 4723427 3876411
Toro Bend 4671000 4230000
Westreach 4010000 3152000

Sector 2 GaragesEdit

Nearest Town X Y
Credit Bend 4699000 5485000
Blaine 4970000 5762000
Kristo's Rest 5737400 707000

Off Location GaragesEdit

County X Y
The Northfields Expanse 4876000 5653000add
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