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A pre-Fall major international megacorp. Their products included weaponry. Like many major companies they boosted sales by buying up smaller companies and selling cheap knock-offs of popular products.[1]

LifeNet was once a subsidiary of GlobalTech; they set up things called “regen pods” all over the Province, each of which can clone people, animals, and all kinds of other stuff. In the days right after the Fall, folks used them to make supplies, which explains why a lot of towns are built near pods. Unfortunately, not many people know how to use them these days, and if you screw around with them, you can cause all sorts of catastrophes, such as creating “diggers” or “infected” - half-formed clones that want to eat people.[1]




  • GlobalTech acquires the Grand Canyon and surrounding national park lands.


  • GlobalTech moves its headquarters to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, effectively creating its own little mini-state within Arizona, complete with military controlled borders.
  • GlobalTech creates a corporate-feudal state by 2050.


  • GlobalTech operations in the Grand Canyon make it self-sufficient, needing no outside food, raw materials, or manufactured goods. Instead it becomes a producer of minerals and finished goods.